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Reto Vitale’s adventure with his MY 160 “Orca”, from Corsica to Switzerland by sea and overland

This is the story of Reto Vitale and his Menorquin Yachts 160, which he fell in love with during his search for the most suitable boat for sailing on Lake Zurich with his family; his wife Yvonne and his two daughters Siri and Naja.


MY e43, efficient navigation, the utmost Slow Yachting

Launching the range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line.

The new model from the range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line offers greater liveability than is expected from vessels of this length.  The optimization of the semi displacement hull and the use of more compact technology and equipment have allowed Menorquin to develop a model which is more spacious, which in turn enables a more flexible interior layout.  The extraordinary luminosity in this craft enhances the unmistakable Menorquin style which is present throughout.  These are some of the features which make up the exclusive personality of the MY e43, the first of Menorquin’s models to offer the option of incorporating eco-friendly technology, with which the shipyard consolidates its Slow Yachting philosophy.




Menorquin prepares for its participation at the Palma Boat Show

Currently launching the new range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line and exhibiting the models MY c100 and MY c160 from the Menorquin Yachts Classic Line on the water.

- The 28th edition of the Palma International Boat Show will be the first national nautical meeting where the shipyard will be intensely promoting its innovative range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line, the first model, the MY e43, will be available this summer and will be followed by the MY e56 the following year.

- Two models will be exhibited on the water, the MY c100 and the MY c160, from the Menorquin Yachts Classic Line, the range has taken on a new name since the repositioning of the classic cruising yachts “Menorquin Yachts”.



Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line, eco-friendly Slow Yachting

Perfect harmony between Menorquin’s authentic attributes and the latest technology

Menorquin positions itself amongst the few shipyards which are currently committing to eco-propulsion and efficient energy management in recreational motor yachts of medium length.  The new range, Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line, further reaffirms the values held by Menorquin’s own Slow Yachting sailing concept: unhurried, quiet, stable navigation; smoother handling of the vessel; spaces which gain in liveability and comfort thanks to more compact engines; reduced fuel consumption and maximum range. As always, maintaining the immutable Menorquin personality –its timeless classic style, high quality standards, craftsmanship- and the passion of a professional team which looks to the future of the nautical industry. The first model of this range, the MY e43 of 11,97 metres length, will be presented this summer and will be followed by the MY e56, next season.




All boats sail, ours do it the Slow Yachting way

Without frights



Slow Yachting Moments

How do the Club Menorquin sailors feel when they are living out their passion for the sea on board their Menorquin vessels?  This was the question that has fuelled the Menorquin team to develop this initiative, Slow Yachting Moments, with the purpose of familiarizing people with the sailing philosophy of these boats.  Because who better than the sailors of the boats themselves to transmit through their own personal experiences what Slow Yachting is all about?





MENORQUIN NEWS 4 (04/2011) English   Download article in PDF format (436 KB)

NAUTICA (07/2010)EspañolMenorquin Yachts 160 Download article in PDF format(1,42 MB)


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