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MENORQUIN since 1978


Menorquin in 2 minutes

1978. Menorquin starts its journey with the Menorquin Llaüts range.  In the hands of the shipyard these emblematic fishing boats of the Balearic Isles are converted into authentic leisure craft without losing their original style and personality and gaining in performance and comfort.

The first model from the Menorquin Yachts range goes on the market.  A new generation of cruising yachts. This range consolidates Menorquin at a national level and causes the brand to take off internationally.

The number of Menorquin enthusiasts continues to grow. It becomes necessary to make some strategic and logistic changes. The shipyard expands its installations with a new plant of 10,000 m2, inside a total area of 30,000 m2.

Menorquin obtains the ISO 9000:2001 certification, a certificate of maximum quality for all the brand's vessels which guarantees and endorses the shipyard's adaptation to the management system which this certification requires be applied to the entire production process. Menorquin currently maintains this award, approved by Lloyd's Register.

Menorquin is more present than ever in the international markets.

Menorquin goes on to compete in two new sectors of the recreational sailing industry.  The shipyard commits itself to large luxury motor yachts and runabouts. The Menorquin Custom Yachts range is born, semi-custom cruisers where we see the Menorquin values reach their maximum expression and the Largo by Menorquin range with the Largo 100 GT, designed especially for those who appreciate a sporty aesthetic.

Menorquin develops new business lines to attend the demands of their customers.  Emotion Yachting is launched to provide the Menorquin products and services and distribute pre-owned yachts; both Menorquin and other brands.

The shipyard develops new models and broadens its service range.  The following schemes appear; Menorquin Charter, a boat rental service with models from the Menorquin Yachts range; Menorquin Services, the integral assistance service for Menorquin vessels; and Menorquin Brokerage, dedicated to the sales of pre-owned Menorquin vessels.

Menorquin launches the Slow Yachting concept. Two words which define Menorquin's long held boating philosophy perfectly, passion for the sea and sailing without any hurry. All boats sail, Menorquin do it the SLOW YACHTING way.


Menorquin Manifesto

Our vision is to be a shipyard and a company which provides nautical services which is internationally recognized for its Slow Yachting sailing philosophy, unique in the recreational sailing industry sector, with an innovative spirit, maximum quality standards and a true commitment to the marine environment.

Our mission is to provide those who are passionate about the sea and who enjoy peaceful sailing, with high quality craft designed with classic lines and a traditional spirit, which are technologically advanced, as well as efficient in terms of energy consumption and respectful of the marine environment.

Craft which motor in a rational unhurried fashion, which is both comfortable and pleasurable, and which allows the sea to be enjoyed in a unique way.  As well as providing a complete complementary service range.

Our values as a shipyard and nautical services provider are: constant improvement in search of quality, innovation and sustainability, but above all our true commitment to the customer, who we try to understand and satisfy and with whom we hope to maintain a long-term relationship.




Sailing is a unique experience which enables us to take pleasure in our environment.  Sharing this experience intesifies our enjoyment.  This is how we aspire, at Menorquin, that sailors should live out their passion.

Menorquin vessels reflect a passion for the sea.  Our Slow Yachting philosophy invites you to enjoy the sea with respect, without hurries.  Our challenge is to preserve the genuine Menorquin values whilst continuing to evolve on a daily basis to fulfil the dreams of today's and tomorrow's sailors.


Javier Cancela
General Manager


Professional Services

SERVICES Repair, restoration and maintenance, equipment installation, supply of spare parts and accessories, moorings and logistics, administration and insurance.
BROKERAGE Pre-owned boats.

Menorquin Sales

Tel.: +34 971 156 781 / 900 111 190


Avda. Circunvalación, parcela M8
07710 Sant LLuis MENORCA (Spain) (see map)
Tel.: +34 971 156 725 - Fax: +34 971 156 784
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