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Menorquin values at their maximum expression.  The MCY 200 and the MCY 240, of 20 and 24 metres length, make up Menorquin Custom Yachts, Menorquin's large cruising yachts line designed by the prestigious Fulvio de Simoni.  Boats built to order only, with a classic and timeless style which combines perfectly with the most innovative technology.



Why a Menorquin Custom Yacht?

Each Menorquin Custom Yachts is unique and unrepeatable, different from any other Custom Yachts but identical in quality, comfort and liveability. As a semi-custom vessel the customer can participate in the design of aspects as important as the interior layout, materials, upholstery and finishes.

Menorquin Custom Yachts have the perfect combination of the traditional seafaring design which is characteristic to all Menorquins, and modernism. The result is a yacht with classic lines which is very technologically advanced.

The remarkable semi-displacement hull of the Menorquin Custom Yachts, the retractable swimming platform and folding sides which convert in to two exterior balconies, each provide these yachts with superior liveability than the average yacht in this segment.

Spaciousness and comfort are both essential conditions for facing long crossings.
In Menorquin Custom Yachts comfort is at a maximum, this is achieved through design but also thanks to its layout and equipment, both on the interior and exterior.

The big achievement of Menorquin Custom Yachts is that they maintain the great seafaring qualities which are typical of Menorquin craft, despite their increased length. These yachts are easy to steer and are exceptionally seaworthy, unusually so for vessels of these dimensions.

The semi-displacement hull ensures safe navigation whatever the sea conditions.
Menorquin Custom Yachts move through the water in a calm and stable fashion, by Slow Yachting, like all Menorquins know how.

The MCY are manufactured, like all Menorquins, to meet the most demanding quality standards. A continuous search for excellence has given rise to the designs and latest generation technology solutions which have been incorporated to the MCY.

The Menorquin Custom Yachts are designed to make good use of the entire boat length as harmoniously as possible.  The rooms are spacious and totally independent but constitute a harmonious and functional whole.


Menorquin Highlights

Which model to choose?


MCY 200

LOH: 19,95 m
LOA: 21,37 m
Beam: 6,04 m
Custom Interior layout.
Separate crew quarters.

Available in Flybrigde version.


ver modelo



MCY 240

LOH: 23,98 m
LOA with platform extended: 26,05 m
Beam: 6,50 m
Custom Interior layout.
Separate crew quarters.

Available in Flybrigde version.


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MCY Distributors

Choose your navigation area to see a list of distributors for Menorquin Custom Yachts in the area.


Professional Services

SERVICES Repair, restoration and maintenance, equipment installation, supply of spare parts and accessories, moorings and logistics, administration and insurance.
BROKERAGE Pre-owned boats.

Menorquin Sales

Tel.: +34 971 156 781 / 900 111 190


Avda. Circunvalación, parcela M8
07710 Sant LLuis MENORCA (Spain) (see map)
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