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Eight motorized models ranging from 5 to 9 metres make up the most traditional line of Menorquin vessels, Menorquin Llaüts.

These craft were inspired by the emblematic fishing boats of the Balearic Isles, very Mediterranean and very seafaring, they are manufactured with quality craftsmanship and a very individual style which resists the passage of time and changing fashions.



Why a Menorquin Llaüts?

Despite having a design steeped in history, the Menorquin LLaüts continue to be contemporary boats.

Something only great classics achieve.

Vessels designed for recreational sailing and recreational fishing.

The 8 models in the range offer variety in lengths, versions, and performance so each customer may choose the vessel which is best adapted to his needs and budget.

sencillez_de_manejoThe Menorquin Llaüts are ideal for starting out in recreational sailing.

Straightforward vessels which are easy to handle, even for less experienced sailors.


Despite their simplicity, the Menorquin Llaüts have some magnificent features which make them very safe craft.

Their semi-displacement hulls, an identifying feature of all the Menorquin vessels enables steady sailing even in the most unfavourable sea conditions.

The Menorquin Llaüts are manufactured with the finest materials and craftsmanship.  The attention to detail is meticulous and the finishes are immaculate.


Fitted with engines which guarantee low fuel consumption, comparable with that of a sailboat when motoring.

para_vivir_en_el_marThe origin of Slow Yachting lies in the Menorquin Llaüts. Their ease of handling and stability translate as calm and peaceful cruising.

A cruising style which allows you to enjoy the sea to the full.

poco_caladoThe MLL’s shallow-draught hull allows these craft to navigate close to the shores of beaches and coves, making it possible to fish or disembark in rocky or shallow waters.

facil_limpiezaThe simplicity of the MLL design greatly facilitates the cleaning of the deck and interior.


The engine maintenance is straightforward and inexpensive. Their small diesel shaft-propulsion engines don´t require excessive or specialist care.


Menorquin Highlights

Which model to choose?


MLL 27 solarium

The smallest Menorquin

LOA: 5,52 m
Max. capacity: 5 persons

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MLL 31 solarium

LOA: 6,17 m
Max. capacity: 5 persons

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MLL 31 cabinado

LOA: 6,17 m
Max. capacity: 5 persons
Berths: 2

Fitted with two single beds


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MLL 36 solarium

LOA: 7 m
Max. capacity: 7 persons


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MLL36 cabinado

LOA: 7 m
Max. capacity: 7 persons
Berths: 2

Fitted with two single beds, galley and a separate washroom.


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MLL 40 solarium

LOA: 7,65 m
Max. capacity: 8 persons
Berths: 2

Fitted with freshwater shower in cockpit as standard.


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MLL 40 cabinado

LOA: 8,3 m
Max. capacity: 8 persons
Berths: 2/4

Fitted with a double bed, convertible double dinette bed, galley and a separate washroom.


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MLL 44 toldilla

The largest of the Menorquin Llaüts and the only one with twin engines.

LOA: 9,75 m
Max. capacity: 8 persons
Berths: 5

Equipped with a cabin, a convertible double dinette bed, a galley and a separate washroom.


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MLL Distributors

Choose your navigation area to see a list of distributors for Menorquin Llaüts in the area.


Professional Services

SERVICES Repair, restoration and maintenance, equipment installation, supply of spare parts and accessories, moorings and logistics, administration and insurance.
BROKERAGE Pre-owned boats.

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