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Menorquin prepares for its participation at the Palma Boat Show

Currently launching the new range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line and exhibiting the models MY c100 and MY c160 from the Menorquin Yachts Classic Line on the water.

- The 28th edition of the Palma International Boat Show will be the first national nautical meeting where the shipyard will be intensely promoting its innovative range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line, the first model, the MY e43, will be available this summer and will be followed by the MY e56 the following year.

- Two models will be exhibited on the water, the MY c100 and the MY c160, from the Menorquin Yachts Classic Line, the range has taken on a new name since the repositioning of the classic cruising yachts “Menorquin Yachts”.


All those who are fond of classic design in motor yachts and of peaceful navigation have their next appointment with Menorquin at the Palma International Boat Show, which will be the stage for presenting some important innovations from the shipyard, between the coming 30th of April and the 8th of May.

Without a doubt the launch of the Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line will have centre stage at the Palma Boat Show, where visitors will be able to discover firsthand the advantages of ecological propulsion and the efficient technology which this range incorporates: a more rational fuel consumption, increased range, a silent navigation mode, and possible near zero emission levels.  All you need to enjoy the sea responsibly, in the exclusive Menorquin style, by Slow Yachting, and with the traditional Balearic nautical flavour which is at the heart of this firm.

The Palma Boat Show will be the prelude to the launch of the first model of the range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line, the MY e43 (11,97 metres length), will also be Menorquin’s first craft to offer the option of incorporating eco-friendly technology; and in which the brand’s innate qualities have been intensified; its superb liveability is even more appreciable, renewed designs with increased space, functionality and ergonomics; and the exceptional luminosity which fills the interiors with warmth.

The classic Menorquins, outstand on the water


Always present at this nautical event, the classic cruising yachts from the range Menorquin Yachts Classic Line will be represented at the next edition of the Palma Boat Show by the models: MY c100, the smallest at 10 metres, and the MY c160 of 16 metres is an ideal craft for ocean cruising.

The new name this range takes on, previously “Menorquin Yachts”, is part of a strategy Menorquin is developing which aims to strengthen its Slow Yachting philosophy and its firm customer commitment.

In addition to its new name the Menorquin Yachts Classic Line vessels are offering even more competitive prices, thanks to special efforts being made by the shipyard.  This is a fantastic opportunity for customers of this range who are thinking about changing models; and also for those who have always dreamt of starting out cruising aboard a Menorquin.

Menorquin at the Palma International Boat Show
Moll Vell
Stand: D8
Moorings: 801 and 802




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