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The new range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line is even more Slow Yachting. It's eco-friendly Slow Yachting. Two models of between 12 and 16 metres in length with a unique, more efficient and sustainable, navigation style. Innovative vessels in their technology and design which are spacious and comfortable but above all, very Menorquin.



Why Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line?

The new cruising yachts range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line is the maximum expression of each and every one of the Slow Yachting values.

With the launch of the new range Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line, Menorquin has become one of the few shipyards who are currently making a clear commitment to “greener” power and propulsion systems in medium sized recreational motorboats

The new range Efficient Line has seen a careful redesign of the hull bottom, underwater gear, the topside and the interior layout; all without losing any of the classic style which characterises all Menorquins.

The craft in the Efficient Line range have gained substantially in their liveability thanks to the new optimized design of the semi-displacement hull and the technology employed.

The new power plant allows maximum use of the boats hull length (ISO) and makes more space available for the interior cabin so that the layout is more flexible.

The use of the most compact technology (pods, V-shaped transmissions, variable speed generators, diesel-electric propulsion) means the engine room has reduced in size, and this in turn translates as more useful space for the rest of the vessel.

As well gaining new space, a great effort has been invested in optimizing these spaces, eliminating dead spaces or those dedicated to internal systems.

The MY e43 and the MY e56 are more comfortable than ever whether cruising or at anchor.

The diesel-electric* propulsion allows quiet navigation with zero emissions, practically imperceptible noise levels and the smoothest handling.

Domestic electric power supply, available at all times**, so it is no longer necessary to start up a generator for the usual energy uses, thus avoiding the annoying noise and vibrations this produces.

This is achieved by the intelligent management of domestic power, through systems for storing and recycling excess energy and the establishment of a centralised automated control for all the equipment and electrical systems of the boat.

*Optional equipment soon available.

**With the variable speed hybrid generator option (with integrated power inverter and battery bank) or the diesel-electric propulsion option (with hotel power supply form battery bank and power inverter), available soon.

The vessels from the Menorquin Yachts Efficient Line range will be available with diesel-electric engines in series or in parallel (hybrid) –according to the model-, which permit navigation with zero or near zero emissions, with considerably reduced fuel consumption and optimized use of the power generated.

The electric engine options also provide an exceptionally peaceful navigation because of their low level of noise and vibrations.

The whole range will offer the optional extra of the Green Star Plus Certification, a notation awarded by the classification society RINA, which reflects the vessel’s impact on the environment including carbon emissions.

All the Efficient Line range uses efficient engines (pods, hybrid, and diesel-electric) which ensure equal performance but with reduced fuel consumption and increased range when compared to other traditional vessels.

The design of the underside has been optimized through CFD (computational fluid dynamics) studies to reduce resistance whilst maintaining the sturdy and stable behaviour typical of Menorquin vessels in rough seas.  The result is a hull with a more rational fuel consumption, which requires less energy to displace but which retains the unique and exceptional navigation style of the semi-displacement hull which is characteristic to the brand.

In the hybrid or diesel-electric versions, the intelligent management of the power supply and domestic electric use through storage and recycling of the excess energy generated by the propulsion system, and the installation of a power distribution bus for the domestic services which is controlled by computer, all contribute to reduce the total energy consumption of the vessel.


Menorquin Highlights

Which model to choose?


MY e43

LOA (ISO): 11,97 m
Beam: 4,06 m
Maximum capacity: 12 persons
Number of cabins: 3
Number of washrooms: 2
Berths: 8



Available in Hardtop and Flybridge versions and with two possible options for the interior layout.


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MY e56

LOA (ISO): 15,90 m
Beam: 5,19 m
Maximum capacity: 12 persons
Number of cabins: 3 + 1 crew
Number of washrooms: 2 + 1 crew
Berths: 8 + 1 crew



Available in Hardtop and Flybridge versions and with two possible options for the interior layout.


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MYe Distributors

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Professional Services

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